Questions & Answers

  • Question 1: What is the difference between our school and the public school?

    Answer 1. There are several key differentiators that puts our school as a superior choice. Firstly, our children to teacher ratio is lower than 8:1. Secondly, our school is an educational based program. Thirdly, our children have a two hours nap during the day and two hours of outside activities or gym time during the day. And lastly, we are working from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday and we are closed only on 10 statutory holidays.

    Question 2: How healthy is the food provided to children?

    Answer 2. Our food is preferably fresh cooked food/organic food when it’s available. Children are daily provided various fruits and veggies.

    Question 3: Are the children having a nap in your school?

    Answer 3. Yes, our children have a nap every day. The preschool and Intermediate groups are sleeping for two hours from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, while the toddler group is having the nap for two hours from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

    Question 4: What kind of toys and educational materials are you using in your program?

    Answer 4. We use a lot of montessory ideas based in fine motor skills. That help kids develop good vocabulary. The various toys will be enriched according to the level of kids needs. The toys are being renewed during the year. Rotation of the toys is done on the weekly basis. Program will be divided for 52 themes during the year. All skills of math will be connected to the theme.

    Question 5: How often do children use the gym?

    Answer 5. Weather conditions permitted, the children will spend their outside activities in our private outside playground for two hours. The rest of the times, especially when weather will not allow, the children will use the gym twice a day. However, our children will use the gym anytime during the regular program as needed.

    Question 6: How often the children go outside during the day?

    Answer 6. The children will enjoy two time slots of outside activities totaling two hours, weather permitting.

    Question 7: What kind of behavioral rules are you using to teach the children?

    Answer 7. In case of misbehavior we never punish the children and never speak in high voice. Discussion is conducted on the children’s eyes level and we explain why he or she needs to behave certain way.

    Question 8: How do you proceed with the toilet routine?

    Answer 8. Our toilet training is happening as soon as the child will be physiologically secure on every hour basis.

    Question 9: How well will the children be prepared for the elementary school?

    Answer 9. Our children are very well prepared for grade one. Moreover, they will easily recognize numbers in hundreds and do calculations of addition and subtraction. Finally, the children will be prepared to answer logically direct questions. They will have good art skills, drawing, gluing, cutting. Their fine motor skills and growth motor skills will be well developed which are allowing the kids feel comfortable with other type of skills.

    Question 10: Will the children be able to write and read by the end of our school?

    Answer 10. They are comfortable to recognize their names and read dozens and dozen of words. Their hand w

    Question 11: Will the children be able to socialize with the new peers once they will enroll in the public school?

    Answer 11. Most important for our program is to teach kids to feel comfortable in a new environment and feel strong and independent in any group of peers. Our slogan is safe, strong, smart. Our first priority is to be safe in environment physically and psychologically. Be strong as individual persons. Smart in any situation that life can bring to the child experience and as well academically prepared for the future.