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  • In addition to our regularly scheduled activities, Gormley Daycare is pleased to offer extra curricular classes for kids’ development in sports, languages, etc.

    Toward that end, we have entered into partnerships with a number of reputable and well-known providers of sports and language education for kids.

    All extra-curricular classes are offered for an additional charge and are scheduled if sufficient number of children sign up.

    Classes are led by experienced instructors qualified and trained to teach little children.

    The purpose of this program is to enrich our curriculum and to give children the opportunity to grow and practice Yoga, dance, as well as different movement and sport activities.


    Yoga helps to keep growing muscles supple and flexible, bones – healthy and strong and improves physical performance in sports. The balancing poses can increase mental focus and concentration. Regularly doing the poses can also control and soothe kids’ emotions letting them rest more easily.


    Most children love to practice Yoga as many of the exercises and positions imitate nature and animals; in addition, this is also a fun, non-competitive activity.

    The instructor Victoria Greenberg has a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Yoga and Creative Movement for children. She has been successfully teaching her program in different child centers and daycares.

    In the Dance part of the lesson children are going to learn hip-hop, jazz, rock-n-roll, zumba, and other kinds of dance.

    And in the creative movement part of the lesson kids will get different objects such as balls, ropes, hoola hoops and other props, and practice different sport skills such as throwing, catching, rolling, kicking and bouncing.

    Each class will be 30 minutes long.

    Depending on how many children sign up, we will offer two different timeslots each Wednesday 9:00 am-9:30 am and 9:30 am-10:00 am.

    We hope that our students will take advantage of this terrific opportunity!

    If you would like your child to participate, please contact our office.

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