Summer Camp 2018

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  • Specialized programs for children ages 2-6!



      During this week the children will focus on learning things about their environment, their emotional and physical well-being. We will learn about each other’s family and speak of our family traditions. The children incorporate math and measurement when determining their height, weight, and shoe size.


      This week we will focus on the joys of eating healthy! The children will learn about Canada’s Health Food Guide, and how we can incorporate different food groups into every meal. The children will spend time each day preparing food, along with baking, or cooking a nutritious meal. The children should learn the difference of “sometimes” foods and “everyday” foods; and how the two kinds make their body feel. We will also speak about how to stop the spreading of germs, and contaminated food.


      During this week of discovery, the children will celebrate multiculturalism and diversity! We will learn about the rituals and traditions practiced by those from; Russia, Italy, Mexico, China, Australia and more! We will taste the cuisine enjoyed by these countries; and practice new words and phrases spoken by the residents of these beautiful countries.


      Children at this age are curious, and on a constant Need-To-Know-Basis. We would like to encourage the curiosity, and help guide them into clever, problem solving, critical thinking individuals. This week we will spend every day as if we are in a Mad Science Lab. We will spend our time experimenting, hypothesizing, and concluding our findings. The children will also spend their time trying to figure out how things work, and how to make things work; with simple and minimal objects.


      During the summer months everyone gets in touch with their outdoorsy side one way or another. If we’re lucky enough, we get to pack up the necessities, and hit the great outdoors to sleep in the backwoods! During this week we will focus on all things survival and outdoors! The children will learn how to assemble a tent, fold up their sleeping bag, and most importantly- make a s’more!! This week is extra special because on the Friday of this week we would like to offer a STAY LATE camp out! We will push pick up time to 9 pm, to allow the children to have a bonfire, roast marsh-mellows, and sing campfire songs! At the end of their campout the children will have earned their CAMP OUT medallions, and will have earned the title of True Outdoorskids!

    • WEEK 6 (AUGUST 6th - Aug 10th): MYSTERY…

      This week the children will spend time trying to solve mysteries, riddles, and learn to decode hidden messages… They will learn about finger prints, and how to discover them, along with how to use their senses to discover information… The rest is all a mystery…


      Children are filled with creativity. This week we would like to exercise and extenuate their skills by teaching them about the beauty of art, and music. We will teach them about different kinds of paint, colour mixing, paper maché, and pottery. All in the while the children will be exposed to music from a wide vary of music, of many different genres. This will be a week of self discovery, and meditation for the children as they will learn to express themselves through art, and experience the calming effects of letting their creativity flow.

    • WEEK 8 (AUGUST 20th- Aug 24th): A WEEK AT THE ZOO

      This week the children will learn about all different types of animals; along with their habitats, eating habits, and life span. The children will learn about creatures in the rainforest, mammals, amphibians, sea creatures, reptiles, and livestock. This week we will have special guests “ZOO TO YOU” bring their furry and reptile friends to our centre, and get to become up close and personal with their mobile zoo.

  • Summer Camp Fees

    The fees may vary depending on your special case/situation.

    One Day: $55

    Part-time (3 days): $165

    Full-time (1 week): $250

    Multiple Weeks Discount:

    3 weeks  –  5% off

    5 weeks  – 10% off

    7+ weeks  – 15% off

    Multiple Children Discount

     2 Children  – 5% off

    *+stay late camp out (extra fee applied)


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  • Reasons To Choose Gormley Daycare

    Parents are looking for answers and we provide them all the details
    • Accredited Staff

      One of the most difficult decision a parent will make is to entrust his/her child into the hands of a daycare staff.
      This is why we carefully select every single teacher to work at our daycare.

      We ensure they are fully accredited Early Childhood Educators.

      Moreover, we ensure our teachers have rich experience in the field, are caring and warm individuals, and are true inspiration figures for all children.

    • Every Age Group

      At Gormley Daycare we enroll the children of all ages starting from 2 years and up to 12 years of age.

      Preschoolers (2 – 5 yrs)

      Before and After School(5 – 12 yrs)

    • Healthy Meals

      Another strong reason to choose us is the healthy meals that we prepare for the children. Naturally, our first priority is the health of the children in our care. We pay particular attention to the selection and preparation of the meals we serve.

      Gormley Daycare serves three main meals a day with a light snack in between. The menu follows a four-week rotation cycle which ensures sufficient supply of the main food groups and is consistent with recommendations of the Canadian Food Guide.

      We accommodate any religious or medical requirements and restrictions. Parents are encouraged to inform us of their child’s specific nutrition needs.

      Our breakfast and dinner are cooked on premises. Our staff cook is experienced in children’s nutrition and dietary requirements and is biased toward non-processed foods. Lunches are catered by Food for Tots, a company well known and respected in the industry for its quality and preference for organic and natural food.

    • Rich Curriculum

      We provide programs that stimulate the development of young minds and bodies.
      We have a strong focus on introducing good values and helping children feel good about themselves.

      – Our qualified staff will:
      – Help children to obtain more confidence in themselves.
      – Encourage self-expression and creativity.
      – Provide a sense of security and self confidence.
      – Encourage problem solving, thinking and reasoning.
      – Help develop co-ordination and self control.
      – Model positive behavior and encourage responsibility.
      – Encourage social interactions, develop trust and co-operation within a group.
      – Familiarize a child with routine.
      – Stimulate interest in learning.

  • Enroll in the SUMMER CAMP